Virtual Assessment
Pico Family Chiropractic Center

Get Your Assessment Done Without Leaving Your Home!

Dr. David Pico of Pico Family Chiropractic Center is proud to announce that the office has upgraded and is now using the latest technology available for virtual spinal health assessments. “Augmented Reality” software allows Dr. Pico to evaluate and assist in corrections to a patient’s seated work station posture and standing posture from anywhere that the patient is.

Follow These Easy Steps to Begin Virtual Assessments with Dr. Pico:

  1. Download and install the Remote Screen app onto your iPhone or Android phone (links below).
  2. Set up an account on Remote Screen using Facebook or your phone number to sign in.
  3. Input Dr. Pico’s Remote Screen provider code in the provider section: M3t7-9nv4-KRM3
  4. Have a friend or family member take photos of you in your work station as per instructions.
  5. Save and email photos through the provided safe patient portal.
  6. Once the analysis is completed, our team members will contact you and make an appointment for an in-office or a video chat online review of recommendations.

Connect Directly with Pico Family Chiropractic Center Using the Free Remote Screen App!

Patients can download the Remote Screen app for both Apple devices and Android devices. You can CLICK HERE to download the app for Apple devices through the App Store and CLICK HERE to download the app on Android devices through the Google Play Store. Once the app has been downloaded, connect to Dr. Pico’s office in Remote Screen using the following code: M3t7-9nv4-KRM3

Sample Posture Assessment Report
Interested in learning more about the exercise recommendations and other health tips? Read more at WebExercise’s blog page. You can also CLICK HERE to access the articles.
Dr. Pico is one of a kind. Warm, friendly, knowledgeable and takes a genuine interest to get to know his patients. He is extremely thorough in his examination before he treats you, and his expectations for my recovery were clear and accurate. I went to him at a time when I could barely move my head and was in extreme pain. I felt an improvement after the first visit, and continued to feel better after every adjustment. I will be forever grateful to him for offering a sliding scale to me once he found out I was experiencing financial hardship. The man has a heart of gold! Lastly, I was extremely impressed with his entire office staff- hands down, the warmest, friendliest people I have ever met. I highly recommend Dr. Pico’s chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain.
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