Prenatal Chiropractor
Webster Technique Certified
Dr. David Pico, DC

Prenatal Chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan

Chiropractic for a Healthier and Happier Pregnancy

At Pico Family Chiropractic Center, we specialize in offering chiropractic care for moms-to-be. During the various stages of the pregnancy and labor, the woman’s spine is subjected to an large amount of stress. This causes the center of gravity to shift forward with the substantial weight that is gained during pregnancy. This adds stress to the spine of the expecting mother and will lead to headaches, lower back pain, insomnia, nausea and other symptoms that can interfere with the quality of the mother’s life.

A spine that is misaligned, stressed or worn out can also result in complications during the delivery of the child. This can lead to a painful delivery as well as problems with the positioning of the baby.

Dealing with shifting weight, imbalance and pain & discomfort from a taxed nervous system are prime reasons for the need of chiropractic care for pregnant women. Dr. David Pico, DC is an expert at delivering high-quality chiropractic services for expecting mothers from day one of pregnancy to birth – and beyond.

Dr. David Pico, DC is a Webster Technique Certified Chiropractor

Dr. Pico is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. This gentle technique helps ease a pregnant woman’s discomfort and can aid in proper positioning of the baby. This technique can help babies to turn naturally in-utero, which can help avoid birth trauma associated with breech births and cesarean births.

Over 50% of pregnant women complain of lower back pain during pregnancy. This is primarily caused by the weight that must be balanced by an overworked spine and support system. Furthermore, how smooth and uncomplicated your delivery is has a lot to do with the state of your body. A body that is stressed, misaligned and worn out can result in complications during delivery – resulting in anything from a painful delivery to problems with positioning the baby correctly.

As significant spinal trauma can occur during the birth process, many parents elect to have their newborn’s spine checked right after birth. Mom’s comfort and health is of utmost importance during this delicate time, so Dr. Pico takes special care to come to you at home if desired or to the hospital or birth center if permitted.

A study performed by the American Medical Association Board of Trustees concluded that women who received chiropractic care during their third trimester of pregnancy were able to carry and deliver with far more comfort. The need for painkillers was also reduced by half in several patients in another well-known study.

Dr. Pico’s Partnership with NYC Birth Village Doulas

Dr. Pico works in partnership with NYC Birth Village Doulas who, like Dr. Pico, support families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

Dr.Picos office from the minute you walk in is an oasis away from the stress of life. Very calm atmosphere in the waiting area. Dr. Pico has a gentle , thorough approach with his adjustments that leave you feeling good once you are done. In the city most doctors are not available Friday or Saturday but he is so that’s very helpful to have someone so accessible for an adjustment going into the weekend if you need it. The location is right near the train station and the building he’s in is very welcoming. Doormen at the desk are very nice downstairs before you head upstairs to his office. Overall you will not be disappointed ,the whole experience makes you feel glad you visited.
Kathy N.Yelp Review