Accident Settlement Claims: How Can Chiropractors Help?



It is with no doubt that most accidents are unfortunately life changing.
Car accidents do more than result in financial losses and property damage. More than anything else, it is your physical health and well-being that are greatly affected. In a study, 10-22% of patients suffering from whiplash trauma caused by car accidents still developed persistent symptoms, which enabled them to continue to enjoy their life post-accident. Thus, the quality of life changes.
Although an accident can be overwhelming as an injury victim, the sooner you receive the attention of health practitioners, the better your quality of life post recovery will be. More so, if you have insurance, reaching out as soon as possible could ensure that you receive insurance compensation for your treatments.
What Accident Victims Need to Know After an Accident

Prioritize primary care. The first step to take is to seek professional medical help. Go to one of the chiropractic centers specializing in auto accidents. Not only do they prevent bodily injuries from worsening, but they are also the best witness you can have in verifying your injury claims.
Tap into your insurance. New York City (NYC) is a “no-fault” insurance state. Whatever the circumstances of the accident, your insurance company can surely cover your medical bills, chiropractic treatment, and lost wages, if needed. Take note as well that if you suffer from serious injuries because of the other party’s negligence, you can file a claim against their insurance company. Almost 96% of motorists in NYC are insured—one of the lowest in the United States—which makes the chances of earning settlement coverage during a lawsuit from the other party higher than usual.
Be informed with the NYC Statute of Limitations. Time is vital to accident treatment and recovery. Though the statute of limitations for filing lawsuits in NYC is three years, act right away. For example, if you travel from NYC to Fort Lauderdale and get into an accident, you should contact a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer as soon as possible to make sure that Florida laws are applied (if the accident happened in Florida). The sooner you receive an accident settlement claim, the sooner you get the treatment for pain and injuries covered.
On top of that, in special cases, it’s the city you’re filing against, so you have only 90 days to submit a notice of claim.
How Chiropractors Can Help in Your Recovery

Most patients disregard underlying injuries such as chronic pain and whiplash, as well as muscles, ligament, and nerve damages following car accidents, hoping it will go away in days. The truth is that you can’t know for certainty unless you obtain advice from a chiropractor.
A Chiropractor’s Expertise is Imperative in Accident Settlement Claims. Studies have shown that having a positive claim experience is strongly linked to an increased quality of life. A chiropractor can act as an expert witness and assist with personal injury cases by giving testimony concerning a patient’s present and potential injuries.
His or her role is vital as they also advise lawyers on how to “quantify” the non-economic damages that the accident caused. Credibility and firm evidence of bodily injuries can increase the likelihood of earning compensation for your chiropractic care.
Chiropractic treatment promotes long-term recovery. Most injury patients go to licensed chiropractors to ensure long-term recovery and to prevent chronic pain problems.
Dr. David Pico, DC, can offer you the necessary personal injury chiropractic care after an auto accident in NYC. Since recovery is time-sensitive, Pico Family Chiropractic Center can ensure the best treatment is provided as soon as possible so that you can continue living a happy life post-accident.